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"Love the agility of SAP HANA Cloud Platform"

SAP HANA Cloud Platform has a tremendous amount of capability available to support the design, development, and deployment of enterprise applications including a mobile platform for mobile apps, analytics services and Internet of Things services to deliver innovation rapidly.

Selim A.
May 12, 2016
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SAP Cloud Platform helps you extend, integrate and build enterprise-grade apps for your business and customers. Includes integration service, SAP HANA, Web IDE with UNLIMITED developers, mobile, portal, security and many more services.

SAP Cloud Platform
Multiple App Edition - For Production

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Data & Storage



2 GB / user unstructured storage

Predictive analytics, spatial processing, text analysis, data visualization

SAP Mobile Documents

Integration Service

Cloud-to-cloud integration

Real-time and secure data exchange

Processes and data integration between cloud, 3rd party and on-prem solutions

Deep catalog of integration flows


Dev & Ops

Includes 6 small Java servers (1 small = 2 cores, 4GB)

UNLIMITED SAP Web IDE developers

Work with multiple platforms with multiple data sources

Instant app preview and the central Git code repository

Visual drag & drop tools and code editors (with code completion!)


SAP Jam Enterprise edition

Social capabilities

Securely access and share business content, information, applications, and processes

Drive results and increase your team's productivity


Authentication, secure single sign-on, on-premises integration

Self-services: registration & password reset for employees, customers, partners and consumers

Authenticate cloud users with their on-premises credentials 

Identity management serving as proxy to other cloud or on-prem identity providers



Responsive user experiences across any device

Enterprise-ready native or hybrid mobile apps 

Multiple authentication and offline synchronization

Secure access to on-premises and cloud-based systems

An Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform


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SAP Cloud Platform, multiple app edition for production

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To enroll in the 2-day FREE SAP Cloud Platform Consulting Session, all you need to do is send an email to store.admin@sap.com to let us know your intent to opt-in and we will reach out to you with all the details. These workshop-style sessions cover all the relevant topics to help you get building quickly. Please allow at least two weeks for us to schedule the 2-day consulting session. Bring your colleagues!
The promo is valid from May 15, 2017 and ends on June 30, 2017.

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